Something to Look Foward To

All I’ll say for now is that I’m hard at work making/hacking up a new theme for the blogs. I’ve never really liked how the sidebar was setup. At first I thought going for a three column theme would be best, a la Joomla theme that I’d got right now. But I found something much, much better. And way cooler. 🙂 It’s a work in progress and I won’t make it public until I’m closer to completion, but I’ll give you an idea of which direction I’m headed. Think along the lines of WordPress 2.0’s write page, but better. I hate to say it and use the term, but it’ll be full Web 2.0 and AJAX power. 😛

Of course I can’t say I actually did it myself. I’m (once again) hacking something up to look the way I want it. Trust me I tried making my own from scratch. Didn’t even come close to getting it to work to say the least… The wonders of GPL eh?

Unrelated news: I officially ranked 16/124 in my Comp Eng class for the first semester. Not great but not terrible I guess. I’m aiming for at least top 10 next semester. Maybe even crack the top 5-7. It’s an ambitious goal, but quite doable in my opinion. I spent way too much of that last semester catching up. And now that I have, I’m definitely going to push myself to do better. Damn PEI education. (I mean that in the most loving way possible) 🙂

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