So I went out and bought a pair of sunglasses. I had always heard of people spending hundreds of dollars on sunglasses, but had never really thought much of it myself. Well when it came time to pay almost $200 for this pair (those damn taxes will get you every time), I damn near felt like chucking my cookies. I mean come on, a bit of plastic with two lenses in the middle I bet would cost them all of what, maybe $30 to make… (Oh, I dunno, I could be horribly wrong too) The rest is spent on buying the Oakley name. Oh well, that’s how the world works I guess.

Oh, and here’s a picutre of them. May as well show them off now that I’ve got them. Oakley Minutes (black). Look at how this Oakley marketing picture makes them look about as best they possible could.

From this excercise, I think I’ve realized just how greedy I am. I spend way too much money on semi-uselss things. From now on, I’m definitely going to cut back. I don’t think I’ve really thought this way, ever. But I’m starting to understand that university is going to cost me both my arms and most of my legs. I’ll need every bit of money I can save. I mean I’ve spent about $1K on mp3 players alone. That makes me shudder just thinking about it. $1000 bones could buy most of my unversity books for a year. Gah… :-/ It’s not like I’m rich. I could definitely use my money more wisely like on my studies or something.

Speaking of my studies, I’ve got some thoughts on the school system. I wrote an article about it in our school newspaper, but indirectly that paper is very much censored. It has to go through a teacher advisor first and you can’t write exactly how you feel as the general public reads it. If you don’t want to offend people or get on someone’s bad side, then there are many things you just can’t write in a school newspaper. And there’s really no need to anger people about that topic. It’s pointless and I think I’d much rather people not beat on me at school. I’ll write something up here in the near future but I’ve got the final musical performance tonight that I need to prepare for. I need to get some food into me before I go.

The show seems to be a great success so far. Opening night was awesome. From what I’ve heard, we should actually make money this year as opposed to losing money which is what usually happens with these productions.



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