Step 1

Buy LCD monitor.

I’m currently in the midst of acquiring the parts to build a new desktop for the upcoming semester (and the next couple years as my parents have had just about enough of me blowing a couple grand every year on new computer hardware…) After all, I have to keep myself occupied/entertained after my visit to PEI and what better way to do it than to build a new computer! You know the rush you get (okay, so maybe you don’t) when you’re holding a $400 piece of silicon that’s 3cm by 3cm between your fingers.

So today I went out to Futureshop and picked up the very first piece of the new computer, an LG L204WT 20.1″ widescreen LCD. I’ve been using this 15.4″ laptop LCD for more than a year now and the 20.1″ just looks massive in comparison. I usually hate Futureshop with a passion, but LCDs are one thing that you want to have a sure-fire plan B when you buy it. LCD screens are pretty fragile and commonly (relatively speaking here) have issues. May it be some dead pixels or an uneven backlight, I want to know that I can exchange it without having to ship it out to some e-tailer at my own expense. The brick and mortar stores are king for that. Plus, it was only $350 so it’s not like I got gouged.

LG L204WT with iPod Video

A little bigger screen than the iPod Video…

UT2007 HD Trailer

The UT2007 high definition trailer on the LG. Can you guess which game I’m going to be playing next year? 😉

A little bit of testing turned up no dead pixels and a slight bit of backlight bleeding from the top, but I think I can live with it. I’m going to test this thing thoroughly over the next couple days to make sure it’s good to go and I don’t have any major issues with it.


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