Spring Life


As promised, I’m going to attempt to post photos more actively, and part of that has to do with a photo topic assignment I’m doing with a friend. I figure given the time of year, I’ll kick off the inaugural subject, “Spring”.

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago, during a hike through the Niagara Glen. These cute white flowers were poking through the brown, dead foliage foliage of yesteryear. The trees were just beginning to show signs of budding, and soon, the forest will be a green mass again.


3 Replies to “Spring Life”

  1. Love the brush of pollen on the leaf in the foreground – well done!

    I will have my version of ‘spring’ up sometime later this week. The weather has been very rainy and cold here so I’m just waiting for a decent day.

  2. Nice – redesigned recently? I use reader so I don’t make it onto the domain often.

    How’s your trip to China looking? I picked up an XS w/ 3 lenses and a Kata slingpack. Details on my other website (linked) – Now if only these last two exams would cooperate… 429’s gonna have it’s way with me though.

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