I really wish spammers would just die in a corner. Like honestly. I don’t want to buy Viagara or cholesterol-lowering pills. To put it in perspective, I’ve now acquired a total of around 6000 spam comments on my blog. The spam filters have caught almost all of them, but every once in a while a few will trickle through and I’m forced to moderate them all as spam. What a pain.

One thing I’ve forgotten to talk about over this past week is my driving adventures. Since coming to Ontario, my parents decided it wasn’t worth the money to buy car insurance for me since I was in Waterloo for the whole year, living on campus. As a result, it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I was legally allowed to drive in Ontario. So last weekend, I set out on my first drive in Ontario. It was quite anti-climactic. It was pretty much a walk in the park. Changing lanes on a busy road was something that I hadn’t done much of before, but it wasn’t a problem. The new car definitely has a much more sensitive gas pedal, so I sort of flew backwards out of the driveway the first time. Also, it was today that I first drove on a 400 highway. Still, nothing to worry about. It felt pretty good to have control of a vehicle again. Now, how am I going to convince my parents I need a car for my work term…

I’ve been getting into games quite a lot over the past week or two. UT2003 has now (once again) become a regular part of my life. I play pretty much daily now. I’ll humbly say that I’m still pretty good. It’s great to see so many people from the old days playing again as well. Over this past weekend, I also read about a new RTS game, set to be released later this month: Company of Heroes. Now, most of the games I’ve played recently have been first person games, like Oblivion and Unreal Tournament. It hasn’t been since Empire Earth that I seriously played a real time strategy game. I’m pretty sure that’ll all change (looking for release date…) TOMORROW! Company of Heroes launches tomorrow. Besides the serious graphics update from the last batch of RTS games I’ve played, there are also a lot of changes to the basic RTS foundation that I remember. Instead of ‘mining’ for resources, you capture resource points and you get a steady stream of them, as long as you hold those points. The game also seems a lot more strategy oriented instead of ‘build-a-bazillion-tanks-and-rush’ type gameplay. I downloaded the demo, the whole 1.8GBs of it Saturday night and I tried my hand at it earlier today. I’m extremely impressed. It’s definitely going to get some of my money.

This coming week should be pretty exciting (well, aside from work, although I am going on a tour of the wireless innovation lab tomorrow morning). There are several video card releases coming late in the week (what a geek I am) and, of course, Company of Heroes tomorrow. Good stuff. Have a good week. 🙂


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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. When I first read Justin’s comment I thought he said “We should go out and shoot some people or something.” And then when I read your reply I was like WHAT?!?!?!

  2. I’m pretty sure Company of Heroes launches on the 14th…

    Anyhoo let me know how it is…I’d be interested in giving it a go. I am a little RTS starved. (I’m playing Starcraft at the moment)

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