Sony Ericsson Service Experience Part 2

With my K790a acting up again over the past several months, and after spending more than a month trying out different means of fixing it, such as firmware updates and master resets, I’m left with a phone that still breaks itself at random, for the same reason I sent it in for service the first time. I got in contact with Sony Ericsson again, and before sending the phone off for service, I was instructed to perform a few fixes of my own, to see if they had any effect, including (yet another) firmware reload and a master reset.

The thing with the corruption problem is that it shows up intermittently. After reflashing the firmware, the phone may work fine for a month, or it may start showing problems after a day or two. As a result, trouble-shooting the problem with Sony Ericsson has taken a long time. This past week, after the final attempt at fixing the phone with a master reset, corrupted messages started appearing again, so I called Sony Ericsson.

Granted the phone is slightly outside the 1 year warranty period, but 1. I spent the last month trying out ideas provided to me by Sony Ericsson and 2. this is still the same problem I sent my phone in for the first time. I was extremely dubious a firmware update would solve the problems I was having at the time. I made that known, but that’s all that was done, and clearly, has not resolved the problem.

Not having achieved anything by calling warranty service, I was directed to call Sony Ericsson’s repair service number to see if they could do anything for me. Since it was a special case, perhaps I could get the service charge waived, or so the warranty rep told me. But after hitting the phone menu of the service center, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. The service center was an outsourced operation – what incentive would they have to waive the service fee, when they’re just performing service for Sony Ericsson on contract? The answer is none, and the lady I spoke to told me much the same. However, she did say Sony Ericsson could waive the service fee for me. I just needed to get in contact with a manager, present my case, and have that manager authorize free service. So it was back to Sony Ericsson I went.

After talking to another representative there and explaining my plight, I was put in contact with a manager, who explained that she had no power to waive any service fee. The best she could do was contact Sony Ericsson’s corporate branch to see if they would be willing to send a note to the outsourced service centre. I was to be contacted when any progress was made on that front.

We’re now coming up to a week since my last contact with Sony Ericsson, with no word on the matter. I think it’s about time I nudged them along.


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  1. As far as I know, no. Since the company’s actually Sony Ericsson, I don’t believe any Sony Store would actually help someone with Sony Ericsson phone service.

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