Some Pictures

I thought I’d post a few more pictures on this blog. Here are a few from mostly work.

Late last week, we had some pretty nasty weather here in Waterloo. There was a lot of wind and the snow was blowing all around. You know that day when I cut myself and didn’t even feel it? This was the day.

UWaterloo blowing snow

Here’s a picture of the bus I take every day. I had already gotten off it at this point, up at the Conestoga Mall. I wonder if the bus driver thought I was weird taking a picture of a bus of all things…


This next one’s a picture I took quite a while ago, but I came across it again, while digging through the photo collection. This happened on one of our test machines. Kicking it old school? Yeah, look at those intense graphics. 😀

Old School

These are two pictures from today actually. One of the perks of the job is that I get to work with a bunch of cool gadgets, this being my first hands on experience with a Treo of any kind, in this case, a Treo 650. A pretty nice device, a little thick, but fits nicely in the hand. A big downfall though (in my opinion) is the small buttons. To fit the whole QWERTY keypad in there, they had to make the buttons small, and I found myself mashing them at times. So far, between the cellphone keypad, the semi-cellphone BlackBerry’s keypad and now the full keypad Treo, I like the cell-like Blackberry’s implementation the best. It’s still in the QWERTY format, but with two keys per button. It allows the buttons to be a lot bigger, but you don’t sacrifice much convenience of the QWERTY keypad at all.

Treo bottom
Treo in hand

Some pictures to keep you occupied. I finally drew up the plans for the theme I’m about to make. I like to draw up a design on good old paper so I can have something concrete to follow off of, as opposed to keeping everything in my head. Lets me visualize it quite a bit better as well.

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  1. Yeah I saw as I was testing today! Hooway! Hopefully this’ll instill some confidence in our players. And and Islander scoring too. Extra special. 🙂

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