Some HD Action

Ohhhh I have this love/hate relationship with HDTV content. First and foremost, it’s amazing in its clarity. Like after you watch a few shows in high resolution, your standard DVD quality stuff is just plain awful looking. On the other hand, these hard drives are just too small to hold any meaningful amount of HD content. It’s quite sad really. Your typical season of a 40-odd-minute-per-episode TV show would fill up about 100GBs. That’s a lot of storage.

I’ve started to acquire more and more shows in HD recently and it’s really putting a strain on my storage space, not to mention this damn bandwidth cap Rogers enforces… I mean 60GB/month? Come on, I could blow through that in a good week. It looks like I’ll be needing to pick up a few more hard drives and a new internet connection come the New Year. I wonder what we’ll end up going with in Waterloo? (probably Rogers… :|)

But enough of that, my high-rez Smallville episode awaits me. 😀


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