Some Changes

I put in some time this weekend and made changes to the design of random process. It’s not the complete overhaul I’ve promised for the site, but since it’s beginning to look like that endeavor’s going to take more time than I anticipated, I decided to put in some stop-gap changes to the current design. As I mentioned previously, I’ve highlighted the navigational features of the design more – it used to be hidden away in a drop down div. I still have to implement the About and Contact pages, but I don’t have time right now. I’ll try to get those done tomorrow. I’ve also put the RSS feed and search features in more prominent locations above the fold.

I’ve also simplified the look of the featured article. The way it was previously displayed was distracting – the background added nothing. Plus, I’ve been able to reduce the number of HTTP requests by 5 down to 44. That’s still more than I’d like, but is a result of the fundamental structure of the design. I’ve addressed that in the overhaul I’m planning down the road.

I hope these changes make the site a little more enjoyable for your use.


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