So (Flickr) Pro

I finally bit the $24.95US bullet and upgraded to a Pro account at Flickr.

Flickr Pro Account

I’d been doing some back-and-forth on deciding between Flickr and SmugMug, and while I prefer the viewing interface over at SmugMug, the communities I interact with are at Flickr. The cheaper subscription also helped that decision.

I’ve finally started to get my digital photography collection in order, and I felt a bit limited by the resolution limitations imposed by the free Flickr account. And while I haven’t reached the limits of my photostream yet, I have a feeling that’ll change shortly, especially with some nicer weather coming up.

On a related note, it’s ironic that I’ve always lumped digital photo processing in with browsing the web and word processing as things that don’t require much computing power to do (e.g. a $500 Dell would suffice). Now, my desktop (Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 640GB 7200RPM HD) is being brought to its knees by some HDR merges and generally when working with a bunch of RAW files. I don’t have a great workflow down yet, as I’ve always shot in JPEG in the past (yeah, so shoot me, no pun intended) and done very little to no post-processing. Looks like this will be the summer of some upgrades to the desktop.

For now, it’s bedtime.



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  1. Tsk tsk, should’ve just gotten a Rogers e-mail and used that to sign-up for a free Flickr account. And if you don’t have a Rogers account, someone you know is bound to have their Internet service. Maybe that’s something to consider once your subscription is up.

    If you’re working on your RAW files in Adobe Camera Raw, switch over to Lightroom instead. It’s a lot faster for handling large quantities of RAW files (and even JPEGs). I’ve got similar specs on my desktop and for the most part it does the job. Most of the time you don’t need to output full-resolution JPEGs anyways, and as for the HDR images, just time to be patient.

  2. I’d read about the free Pro subscription with a Roger internet account, but I didn’t feel like creating a new account and moving stuff over. In any case, I don’t feel bad at all giving Flickr some money. They’ve earned it with the great service they’re providing.

    I’m actually using Nikon Capture NX 2, based on some recommendations due to its use of the same algorithms employed by the JPEG processing in-camera. Upon further thought, that fact doesn’t seem terribly important. I’ll give Lightroom a go when I have some more time. Fortunately, seeing as my post-processing skills are only in their infancy, switching programs shouldn’t be a case of unlearning one tool and learning the other.

  3. Heyo, I just started using Lightroom as well. Great for working with RAW, although it pretty clearly rips off Mac video/picture editing software in terms of styling (not that I mind of course:D). I have LRII and can send it your way if you’d like.

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