Short and Crappy

Alright, I’m tired as hell and require boatloads of sleep, so this’ll be short (and definitely not sweet).

  • Told my supervisor at work today that I’d be ending on Friday. So it’s official, I’m done of my first co-op term in one week. 1.
  • Helped a friend move out of his room
  • Watched a lot of TV (Prison Break, 24, Seinfeld)
  • That friend I helped move left indefinitely, as he’s switching to McMaster. Wonder when I’ll see him again…
  • Decided not to work on my work report at all today and just took it easy. I’ll start tomorrow. (I always say that…)
  • Sitting here, trying to keep my eyelids propped open to see what I’m writing.

Yep, that’s it. G’night.


6 Replies to “Short and Crappy”

  1. Sweet! I think more and more people are finishing this week. Haha.

    Man I can’t wait… 4 more days left? But i have so many committments with people. Lunch and dinner dates here, and a lot of people i chat with on msn saying, “Yo we gotta go drinking together when you get back”. I think the count is up to… 8 different people saying that? Oh boy…

    I just got this memo from my pay advisor… i don’t understand what they mean by ‘overpayment’… does that mean i’ll see MORE? or Less next paycheque…

    Also, why do you redir. from -> Loads slower due to the redirect needed eh?

    Tried out google cal? It’s interesting HOW Many people posted their term schedule (that being said… how many waterloo people used it already). I just added someone else’s spring 2006 sched instead of going through the work. hah.

  2. Haha, well, I know you, you’ll be lying around the SLC many times yet I bet. 😛

    Overpayment I’m pretty sure means they paid you too much… How can they not know how much to pay you anyways?

    I’m gonna have to check out Google Calendar. I sort of made it a point not to use any of their stuff (aside from Gmail and search of course) since it seems like there’s way too much fanboyism around Google nowadays. But since you’re saying it’s nice, I may have a look again. I checked the morning it was launched and I got a ‘service unavailable’ error. 😛

    As for the blog, I was actually thinking about that last night. You see I don’t have it in my main domain since I have a bunch of links to my I planned to make a new WP install and move all my stuff over and do a permanent redirect.

  3. At first glance you’re “G’night” looked like “G’unit” and I was like WTF? Tsk, tsk. I need to give my head a shake. It’s you buying a dress all over again.

  4. Ok first off: Mmmmm. Google.

    And Rene, when I first got here, every single male at my school would walk around yelling “G UNIT” like they do at the beginning of all 50 Cent songs. It was disturbing (not a great first impression either).

  5. Update: Turns out the rate of pay for students changed Jan 1st, but my letter of offer was already written up with the old rate… so I got two cheques yesterday… one for my regularly pay (every 2 weeks) but at a higher rate… and a 2nd cheque that paid the difference from the beginning of my term till now.

    I’d like to look at it as if I just got a raise! haha.

    I think i have my google calendar on share.
    so you could search for

    who moved out? Grahmm?

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