Today was one of the first days in quite a while that I was truly, genuinely pissed off. And I don’t even think it was the actual anger that bothered me so much. I think it was mostly the fact that I knew I was angry and hadn’t felt like that in such a long time.

I started off the TUTWiT blog as something that greatly interested me, tech and the TWiT podcast. Okay, so I’ll admit it probably wasn’t the best idea (uninvited TWiT and all) but I did something I wanted to do and wrote about something I’m interested in. After all, that’s what a personal website is for. Anyways, I got some scathing remarks and comments about the blog that I didn’t think was warranted. To put it lightly, I was bombarded by people sarcastically congratulating me for ‘becoming’ a TWiT and all that sort of stuff. I’ve never found it necessary to personally attack people, but on the net it’s different. You can say things to people you wouldn’t or couldn’t bring yourself to in real life. But that is just one of the many joys of the internet no? The great equalizer. Someone with a big mouth can say anything he/she wants.

As I never liked arguing senselessly, I’ve stripped away just about everything that may allude to the former focus of the blog, TWiT. It’s going to be a generic tech blog just like the other thousands (if not millions) out there. Perhaps that’ll remove me from their radar screens. I can’t take another comment about it. I mean I like any constructive criticism, but this was just unnecessary in my opinion. Hope you’ve got nothing to bitch about now.


5 Replies to “Seething”

  1. I have all the love in the world for you (and whatever TUTWiT things you get up to), Charlie. Isn’t that all that really matters?

    Funny how people do say things over the net that they would never say to your face. As if these people would have the nerve to attack you face to face.

  2. Essentially they were writing sarcastic comments regarding my ‘uninvited’ TWiT status. You don’t understand geeks. They’re very competitive. 😐

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