RIM Acquires Ascendent

Fresh off its lawsuit with NTP, RIM’s on the buying end of a deal, picking up the private firm Ascendent. They make software that links cell phones with corporate phone systems. And judging by the number of BlackBerry systems in the corporate world, this is probably a pretty nice move. On the other hand, I think RIM needs to pick up VOIP. I mean, one of the big advantages of the BlackBerry over a regular cell phone is that you can send and receive data wirelessly a lot simpler. Since I’d already be paying oh $55-60 a month Canadian for unlimited data, I don’t especially feel like paying up another $50+ for a voice plan. I think they could attract a lot more customers if they integrated VOIP functionality into their phones. They had a prototype VOIP (and WLAN) enabled phone back in 2004, but as far as I know neither functionality has made it to a production phone.

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