Reading for April 27, 2006

Well, this would normally be a tech link post during the morning, but I’ve strayed and there are definitely interesting things to be read outside of technology. (Shock! Gasp!) First off is something that I think really wraps up Prince Edward Island in a nutshell. Students at East Wiltshire Junior High made ceramic mugs and, due to the idea of a teacher, decorated them and sent them off to our troops in Afghanistan. What a thoughtful thing to do. It really brings a tear to your eye. Good ol’ Island spirit.

‘Cups of Comfort’ 

And this one’s just for you William. You’ve been wanting to know how Oblivion would run on a wide range of video cards and I found just the article to help you out. It’s not exactly that exact or scientific since they basically mapped out a path and tried to do the same things with each run, but then again, it’s about as real world as it gets. It gives a pretty good indication where these video cards fall into place, in terms of performance.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GPU Performance 

As you can see the 7600GT is about as good as it gets for a mid range card. It’s a bit below a X800XT PE that I’ve got here which can play the game pretty comfortably at 1280×720 close to the medium details that the benchmarks use and 8X anisotropic filtering. Aside from that, you’re probably looking at an unlockable X800GTO, which would get you close to the performance of a X800XT if all goes well (some cards don’t unlock the extra 4 pixel pipes properly), but you lose out on the HDR and SM3.0 capabilities. Jumping down a price range, the X1600XT looks decent, although slower than the 7600GT and HDR really kills performance.

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