Ongoing Dell Battery Situation

I’ve decided while I’m on the phone, I’m going to do a bit of live-blogging. I’ve recently run into some issues with my 6 cell battery for the XPS M1330 – it has around 15% of battery wear after only 3 months of use – two of those months were of light use. I’ve probably discharged the battery a total of 20-30 times. I’ll be trying to get a replacement.

9:35pm – I call the only technical support number listed in the Dell Canada Support site: 1-800-847-4096.

~10:00pm – I’m connected with a gentleman in the technical support team and provide my information, only to find out that I’m in the wrong department. I’m supposed to be talking with the XPS support department. I get the direct line to the XPS department for future reference, but wouldn’t it be nice of Dell to update their support site with the XPS support number instead of having me wait 25 minutes to be told that? Oh, for your info, the Dell XPS support line is 1-866-398-8977. I’m also told that it’ll be about a minute.

10:32pm – Still waiting. Music’s been looping for a while now.

10:47pm – Finally get connected and relay my information.

10:48pm – I tell the technician about the battery problem – a full charge is only up to ~85% of the design capacity in three months. Unfortunately, he insists since the Dell battery health meter is showing ‘normal’, he can’t do anything about it. First tip: redesign your battery meter to incorporate some sort of time and use relativity – 15% loss over 2 years of use may be fine, but 15% wear over 3 months of relatively light use is excessive. Obviously my explanation that the battery going from 20% charge down to 6% charge instantly, skipping everything in between isn’t enough. Nor is the full charge capacity number versus the design capacity number.

10:53pm – I ask for a transfer to someone with a bit more knowledge and someone who can help me with my problem. I’m being transferred. On hold again.

11:00pm – Okay, I thought I was being transferred, but the guy came back on the line and told me he’s just transferring me now.

11:11pm – While waiting, here’s an interesting technical support idea. Have two tiers, one for the normal user and another one for more knowledgeable and technically-oriented users. Have a few ‘skill-testing’ questions to make sure the caller does know his stuff if he requests the advanced line. It would save a lot of grief, skipping all the scripted lines. I mean I’m practically doing their work for them by having pre-diagnosed the issue.

11:20pm – I get another technician. Oh wait, it isn’t. It’s the same one as before. I can’t fucking believe this. I explicitly ask for supervisor this time. I didn’t think I’d need to state that explicitly. If he couldn’t help me, what makes him think the guy sitting next to him could…?

11:29pm – I get the same tech back again because the queue for the supervisor is very busy, but luckily, he consulted the supervisor and offered me a replacement battery. Case closed.

The whole experience was close to a nightmare, interspersed with some sad comedy – for example being transferred back to the same person. Oh well.


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  1. This is why when I worked at a call centre, I just gave people whatever they wanted, discussion closed. I had no time to go through loops for them. It’s a shame this guy doesn’t hate his job enough to just give in at first blow.

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