On the Docket

I’ve been working on numerous projects over the past week or so. That’s part of the reason why you haven’t seen much around here and I apologize for that. Next week should hold plenty of time for me to complete some of the articles I’ve been working on for random process.

Writing a review of the Dell XPS M1330 has sucked up the most time. It started off as any regular old review, but as seems to be the case with many of my writing projects, this one ballooned into a 10-page Word document. I ended up adding a lot of in-depth information about performance, battery life, power consumption and a design analysis. To ensure maximum exposure, it will be posted at Notebook Review, one of the largest resources for laptop information. I’ll be sure to provide a link when that’s complete.

I also received the Logitech MX Revolution as a replacement for a dead MX900. I’m also going to write up a review (hopefully a quick one) of that mouse, comparing it to the VX Revolution. The MX Revolution sure is a sharp looking mouse and I was rather impressed with the retail box presentation as well.

With the end of the work semester almost upon me, I’ve been scrambling to get my work term report together. At this point, I have nailed down the topic and compiled several pages of notes of points I want to talk to. I’m also gathering a lot of quantitative data (they love that at UWaterloo Engineering) so cram in there. I know I typically leave these things to the last minute, so I’m trying to get the majority of it done before the end of work, which is August 29th. (Wow, so soon…)

Finally, I’m sorry to say that I’ve been neglecting it slightly, but I’m working on a web service project. The group I’m working with is targeting a launch date that is rapidly approaching (too rapid) and I have quite a bit to do yet. I’m not one to let down a group so I’m going to get to work on it ASAP.


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