Man this FEMA chief dude got his ass handed to him by the reporters, victims and Mayor of New Orleans. Take a look. It’s quite funny to see how incompetent these guys are right now. When 60-70K people need help and evacuation, all he can do is spout BS about how well it’s going. We should drop him in the middle of the Superdome and see how he handles it.

One of the CNN articles actually worth reading:

The big disconnect on New Orleans

EDIT: Added, here’s a link to a page with a very emotional interview by the Mayor of New Orleans. Personally, I’m very surprised by what he said. Seems prime for lashback by their state and federal governments against him. But it also goes to show just how little is being done and how much needs to be done. I respect this man greatly.

New Orleans mayor lashes out at feds

Click on the link in that article of the interview with the radio station WWL-AM.


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