Oh Em Gee!!!!111

If you don’t get the title, don’t ask. You’re just not |337 enough. :p

The reasoning though, I didn’t get the video card. Someone must’ve stole it.

Ha, just kidding. It’s running nicely in the basement computer now. It’s quite the kicker. At stock I’m hitting around 24K in 3DMark 2001 if that means anything to you out there. I don’t especially play too many graphically intensive games, but it was cheap (relatively) and it’ll last me a long while. We needed a replacement anyways seeing that the other card was broken.

So we concluded our little outing. It was nice to get outside for the majority of the day for a change. I’m glad to say I spent most of the pas few days outside in the sun. I even got a nice ol’ sunburn to boot. What’s summer without a sunburn eh? We were lucky that the weather held up so nicely. Today it’s not too good. It’s cloudy and definitely looks like it’s going to rain.

So I found out something that almost made me drop a load in my pants while on the trip. We were back at the hotel and I was just browsing through the University of Waterloo site, seeing what else needed to be done. To be honest, I’ve been woefully underprepared for university. A quick look showed that there were like 5 documents due within the next week. Yeah… So the first thing I did upon returning home was to start filling out the forms. Two of them are stupid health insurance crap that I doubt I’ll get done by the due date. They’re so complex and tedious. Since I’m coverd by my dad’s health insurance plan, I’m supposed to be exempt from the university ones, but I have to get the insurance company to fill out stuff and whatnot. And you know what that’s like. So I’ll probably just pay the premium for now and then get a refund later. Supposedly you can do that.

Also, I have to pay my tuition fees. Yeah, I kind of forgot about that. Anywho, I have til Monday to do that if I pay by check/money order. Since that won’t be happening, I’ll have to do some internet banking stuff. Oh and they don’t count the scholarship money until you send them a form proving you have the scholarship. Kinda weird since they gave the scholarship to me… Anywho it’s all pretty messy right now. Poop. If I hadn’t of checked when I did (albeit late) I would be in it even deeper than I am right now. They’re probably like, okay, so is this kid gonna actually come to school? :-/

Since I’ve been listening to the Alexander soundtrack so much, I thought, hmmm it would be nice to know how the music fits in the movie, so I picked up a DVD. I haven’t watched it yet, but if the music’s that good, the movie better be half decent too.

Oh yeah, I’ll get another City Journal update going sometime. I’m kinda busy as you can probably tell right now so I’ll try my best to get it up and going sometime later today or tomorrow. I’m almost at half a million people now.


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