Office 2007 with Old Menus – UBitMenu Plugin

Like the fancy looking graphs and other features in Office 2007 but don’t want to learn the new (is it still considered new at this point?) ribbon interface, the UBitMenu plugin may be up your alley. It doesn’t replace the ribbon toolbar, but instead creates another tab that tries to mimic the menu system of Office 2003. You still get all the formatting features found in Office 2007, but in the previous interface. It’s free and covered by a Creative Commons License.



3 Replies to “Office 2007 with Old Menus – UBitMenu Plugin”

  1. It’s quite imperfect because it does not return you to the 2003 keyboard shortcuts. If you go alt-I,N,Enter to define a range, it won’t work with this. Nice try though. Straight mouse users who don’t use keyboard except for typing into cells should be fine and love this though.

    Sad. Excel 2007 (moreover, Office 2007) interface change is the hugest productivity destroyer in software history. The 2003 interface should have been made intrinsically available as an option, just like the classic option with folder views in XP. Maybe Microsoft will do the right thing, instead of the destruction reaped by Excel 2007.

  2. This is pretty useful. I am always switching between 2003 and 2007, since my work has 2007. It would make it a lot easier if I installed ubitmenu. Thanks!

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