Nostalgic For A Moment

After reading a couple friends’ blogs I realized just how much I missed having the crew together. Actually it was especially those two people because they’ve been away from their homes for just about a year now and will be going back home soon. I think it was the thought that in the end they’d end up going back to PEI even though they’ve experienced so much outside of that little island and North America in general. Then reading those blogs led me through the blogs of several other people I know. Some I hadn’t really talked to much before but I discovered something about each and every one of them just by reading a few entries. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have been around them and had the opportunity to get to know them better, but in the end, never did. And now the only thing I have are blogs to, every once in a while, peer inside the thoughts and feelings of those people. And really, I should be studying, not surfing through random blogs. Maybe after these midterms are over, I’ll think about putting more effort into communicating with some of these people. That way when I do visit PEI this summer, I’ll be able to at least know what’s going on there. I wouldn’t mind seeing and chatting with some people I never really talked to before.

Speaking of studying, I’m just about done studying for the midterm later today: Discrete Mathematics. It generally feels like something pretty useless, although it does stress logical thinking, which is very useful for an engineer. Still, there’s a lot of memorization of proofs and one must have the ability to not only regurgitate those proofs, but be able to apply those theorems. Let me tell you, there are a lot of proofs to remember and some of them are pretty involved. After this midterm, there’s only MSCI 261 left (management science, economics, accounting or whatever you’d like to call it) which should be fairly easy. To be honest, I’m not really sure what to expect on either of these last two midterms. With Calculus, we knew it would be 60-70% from assignments. Physics was just destruction (always is). ECE100 (electrical engineering basics really) was some calculations and some derivations of formulae. Since we’ve never had a course like Discrete or MSCI (I guess linear algebra could be sort of considered similar to discrete…) it’s hard to know how to study. The sample midterms from previous semesters are proving to be very helpful.

I’ve got a meeting with the co-op coordinator in about an hour. Since I accepted the job with Bell Mobility, I’ll have to find a place to live in Mississauga and perhaps find about a bit more about the job. (I wrote previously that this is a new job for our school and as a result, no one I spoke to really knows what to expect) Nonetheless, I’m very excited about the opportunity. For some reason, I’m drawn to the wireless sector. Perhaps that’s where I’ll specialize in the future. Must have something to do with all the research I did on the various wireless technologies and their evolution for my work term report (Got Excellent on that by the way, the second highest rating…).

Sorry if this entry has sounded rushed and unorganized. I don’t have much time right now to be writing anything other than more proofs of GCDs or whatever. Still, I think it’s nice for both you (readers) and myself to get some thoughts down. I’m really glad I did start a blog way back when. You wouldn’t believe what it’s like to flip all the way back to May 2005 and read about things like the musical or the last weeks on PEI. This is what a blog is for.


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