Nobody Knows The Answer

So after fumbling around for the first couple weeks, I’m starting to become more comfortable with this whole independent thing. I just needed a kick in the pants and a change of mindset, provided to me quite serendipitously.

This past Thursday, as I wrung my hands in agony, waiting for technical difficulties to be sorted out during the internet install at my apartment, missing meetings I had booked, I was pretty sure I was screwing up not two weeks into the job. Dealing with situations on my own and being responsible for all my actions (or inactions) are definitely key components to making it in the real world. The minute the tech was done, I rushed back to the office, just in time for a Program Manager specification writing ‘bootcamp’, where I hoped to wash away my time management sins from earlier in the day.

It was during that seminar that the eye-opening line came, “Nobody Knows the Answer.

Alright, so it was in the context of designing a feature area, but I think the lesson holds true for life. Nobody really knows the answer. Guidance is one thing, but looking for someone to hold your hand, while you walk along the path of life, is not the best idea. Those uncertainties I’ve had? Others have them too. Don’t expect others to know what’s best. Do the research, and make a decision. That’s my advice to myself.

Speaking with some friends, both at work and outside, I’m beginning to realize I’m not the only one mucking my way through.


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  1. A question is whether there is even an answer – I think there’s probably an infinite number of possible solutions to every issue/problem; we really have to make it up as we go along and do our best to come to the best conclusions we can.

    It would be weird if you weren’t mucking your way through – that would mean you know something no one else does.
    So, happy mucking!

  2. This is definitely one of the hardest realizations about The Real World. That, and that our parents don’t actually have all the answers either. It’s a steep learning curve but all you really need is intelligence, confidence, and assertiveness to get through it. The rest will just fall into place, somehow.

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