New Experiences

There’s always something you are assured of when you move to a new place. You’ll see and experience new things. I can say even though I haven’t been out and about in this area, I’ve already got quite a taste of the things that are different here.

As we were driving home to Niagara Falls from Pearson International Airport, I noticed a often talked about store in our economics class. The sign was unmistakable as the one of furniture superstore IKEA. I had never been inside an IKEA store so I told my parents and we’ll go someday to see what it’s really like. From the outside, it looks absolutely huge.

You know on PEI there’s the black and green garbage can thingies and how you have to separate everything before it’s chucked into the garbage. Well, there’s none of that here and while I cringe at the thought of the amount of waste we’re producing, it’s also quite a relief to not have to think before throwing something in the garbage. I guess it’s that kind of mentality that’ll kill us. The Island’s great for having implemented a great system but I wonder what good it’s really doing if a place like Ontario with its relatively massive population isn’t doing that to conserve. On the other hand, there are some grocery stores here where you actually have to pay to use bags. They want to reduce the amount of plastic used. Also they throw their boxes into a tray type thing at the end of the cashier line so you can put all your food into them. This way you help them recycle the boxes and you use less plastic. There are some weird, innovative ways they conserve.

Everything’s so BIG here! No I don’t mean everyone’s fat or anything. I mean I know it’s due to the fact that there are quite a few more people here than on the Island. (St. Catherines has the same population as the whole Island for example) But even a place like Niagara Falls with its 70-80K population has several very large malls. We went shopping today (I know, it’s Sunday and all the stores are open) for like 4 hours. I think my feet almost feel off walking through those malls. And there’s so many stores no where to be found on the Island. When Walmart, Futureshop, Old Navy (well soon) and Home Depot came to the Island, I began thinking there’s no reason to go to say Moncton to shop anymore. For the most part, that would be true. But now that I’m here, I realize there’s so much more than what even Moncton or Halifax has to offer.

Oh and there’s a buttload of Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, [insert name of fancy car maker] vehicles here. I saw a BMW retailer in St. Catherines that I’ll just have to go to.

There’s something else that I wanted to write about in this post, but I’ve forgotten for now. I’ll definitely write it up when I remember again.


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