My Thoughts Go Out to New Orleans

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll probably know that a large and powerful hurricane is headed for New Orleans, Louisiana. Being a very musical and cultured city, I feel stronger about that place than many other places in the United States. I hope the damage to the infrastructure won’t harm (too badly at least) the heart and soul of New Orleans.

I’ve been reading a lot and following the news very closely today. It would seem as though many of the forecasters’ worst nightmares are coming to bear. Conditions were almost perfect and cause Hurricane Katrina, which was just a weak hurricane a few days ago, to power up into a Category 5 hurricane. It may weaken a bit to a strong Category 4, but as one meterologist said, it’d be like getting hit by a 18-wheeler instead of a train. You wouldn’t hope for either one. Plus, New Orleans is in fact 70% below sea level with the pumps and levees helping to keep the water out during the normal run of a day. Unfortunately, the levees don’t seem to be high enough to deal with the huge storm surge predicted. Much of the city could be under 10-15 feet of water by the time this is through.

So my thoughts go out to those both stuck in New Orleans and the people who live there. I can only hope that by some miracle, the storm weakens extensively and spares the city of much grief.


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