My Arm!

So we had an Ultimate game today that the opposing team had to forfeit due to the lack of players. Nonetheless, we decided to split into two teams and had a little unofficial scrim. It was lots of fun, not broken up by the fact that I got streamrolled by a big guy (read: former football player) from our house. If you’re reading this, I don’t blame you at all, but it still hurt. 😛 Now my arm’s a little scratched up but worse, I think it may be infected. It’s a funky color, a sort of opaque white look. I don’t think that can be good, especially after I applied the peroxide.

As well, there’s finally some good news on the academic front for a change. I rocked discrete math with a 98% in the midterm. To be honest though, the midterm for that class was quite easy so it’s probably not as good as it may sound. I still did merely mediocre in the more difficult classes. Still, it’s a start. I just need to work harder. (easier said than done, let me tell you)

So I’ve been recently obsessed with mobile gadgets, especially smartphones and cellphones. It’s leaning mostly toward to smartphone side but let’s just say, there are generally a lot of nice phones around… just not in Canada. I mean just take a look at the devices they’ve got in Asia. I’m talking specifically the Samsung and LG phones they’re showing off. When you look at what a company like Motorola is offering, it really pales in comparison. Sure the RAZR and SLVR are thin phones but do they honestly look that nice comparatively? Nope. There are some sick phones over there. The bad thing is, I’ve got a good deal at Bell, which is CDMA, thus locking me out of a lot of phones (most of them are GSM) and I can’t activate an unlocked phone on the Bell network. It has to be a Bell phone… Nokia also has some sick phones.

Speaking of Nokia, a few months back, Nokia and Sanyo decided to team up to develop new CDMA phones/technology. However QUALCOMM (huge portfolio of CDMA-related patents) decided to muddle things up and imposed some restrictive conditions on the partnership. As a result, Nokia has broken off that partnership and will pull out of researching and manufacturing CDMA technology. It’s probably not that big of a deal anyways since Nokia never did produce too much in terms of CDMA phones anyways. Contract manufacturers will still make Nokia branded CDMA phones but you can those Nseries phones aren’t coming to CDMA. You GSM subscribers, count yourself lucky, but there’s no way I’m going to jump ship to Rogers. It seems so… unprofessional for some reason. Perhaps it’s their marketing campaign.

In any case, I’m really itching to pick up a Treo 650 at this point. It’s about the best you can do on the Bell Mobility network and if I can just add unlimited texting to my plan, I’ll have a super cheap way to keep in touch. (I mean I’m only paying like $20/month for service right now with a corp deal at my dad’s company.) Plus, I just need that QWERTY keypad. It’s soooo nice. But I know I’ll wait until AT LEAST my co-op job at Bell Mobility. Who knows, maybe I can get in on some employee plan. That would be pretty sweet.

Ummm so, that’s about it. I think I’m going to take it easy tonight and just watch a movie. Off to peruse my movie library. 🙂


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  1. Wow, 98%? That’s not too shabby at all.
    Anyway, I went to go return my JVC in-ear headphones the other day since the cord started to peel back exposing the wire. I got another pair and I must confess I think my first pair were a dud. My new ones are a lot better. They feel better in my ears and have a much larger bass response, plus their volume overall is much louder. I think I’k bumping my rating up to 9.3/10.

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