Morning Tech Reading Mar 27

Up bright and early again and I’ve run into a few articles of interest.

Britain and France Build Robocarrier

Okay, so it’s not entirely automated, but the next generation aircraft carriers to be built for the French and British navies are going to cut down the number of crew required to be fully functional. We’re talking about cutting down the number of ship crew from around 2000 to 800 and the air wing will be cut even more, down to 600. So while the carriers themselves will cost, oh 40 million Benjamins each, (that’s $4 billion for those of you who aren’t sure what the means) the article goes on to point out that the estimated cost savings of reduced personnel will be around $7 billion over the life of the carrier, when compared to a similar sized carrier’s operating cost currently. Not too bad of a deal. Let’s just hope when something goes wrong, the computer doesn’t crash or something. I’m sure a BSOD would be, quite literally, devastating.

New record set for fastest data transmission

See, I shouldn’t be complaining about this, since I’m already on a pretty decent internet connection. I know many people out there with “broadband twice as fast as dial up” or, shock, perhaps on dial up itself! In any case, I’m sure you’ll all with me when I say, I wouldn’t mind having this connection. 🙂 Oh, sheesh, say only 2.56 terabits per second? That’s 2.56tbps ladies and gentlemen. Now this is only for the backbone that connects big hubs together, but hopefully this just means there’s enough bandwidth for higher speed connections in the near future. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be able to transfer 60 DVDs worth of data per second?

Internet Explorer 7 Will Not Be Integrated Into Windows

Okay, don’t jump for joy just yet. This doesn’t mean Microsoft’s actually going to sell you their operating system with no internet browser. It just means that it won’t be so tightly integrated with the actual core of Windows (Vista). Think about it this way, if you don’t like it, you’ll actually get the ability to uninstall it, unlike what is currently the case with IE6. Well, come on, you couldn’t possibly expect an operating system to come without an internet browser could you? And on top of that, despite all we’d like Microsoft to be, I can’t exactly see them bundling Firefox or another competing browse with their operating system. That’d be like expecting Toyota to put GM logos on their steering wheels.
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