Morning Tech Reading April 19

One of the biggest pieces of news from yesterday and will spill over to today was the huge run up in the North American stock markets. The Dow gained nearly 200 points and the tech-laden NASDAQ put on a good showing up around 2% as well. After the bell, a good number of tech earnings came in with good numbers from Texas Instruments, IBM, and Yahoo to name a few. Today, the big news will be Intel’s earning after the bell. We’ll be able to see, shortly, just how much market share it lost to rival AMD. AMD has already reported earnings for the 1Q 2006, and they were fairly strong. However their outlook for 2Q06 wasn’t as rosy as analysts had been expecting. One note mentioned by many analysts was the possible deceleration of market share gains from Intel by AMD. However, that most likely came as a result of Intel’s aggressive pricing over the past quarter to stem the loss in share to AMD. The main focus will probably be on the outlook as we know the 1Q earnings aren’t going to be very good (Intel has already lowered their earnings estimates for the quarter).

Intel to Provide Clues About Share Loss

NVidia has announced the launch of their new high-end mobile graphics processors, based on the Geforce 7900 line. Currently only Dell is offering the new top grade Go 7900GTX in their new XPS M1710 laptops, which will run you around $2600 for a base model (which only has the Go 7900GS). In either case, these laptops have gotten so powerful you can easily play any game at high settings. That’s more than I can say for my desktop even…

NVidia Geforce Go 7900

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  1. Wow. I’m shocked and surprised – perplexed even. How could you forget the hype around Apple’s Q1 earnings report? I think this time you better give your head the shake.

  2. Pffft, Apple. Same old, same old, they beat estimates handily and were rewarded. But each time they beat by a little less, their upside guidance is a little less and they rise a little less in after-hours trading.

    Soon enough, they’ll disappoint. One of these days. 😉

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