Montreal Canadiens Win Series Opener 4-1

For the last quarter of the regular NHL season, I returned to being a fan of my favorite childhood team, the Montreal Canadiens. My reason back then was an idolization of Patrick Roy, but now it’s because they’ve achieved so much, even with analysts writing them off at the start of the season. They’re like the Little Steam Engine That Could…

After winning the Eastern Conference, Montreal has gone on to beat Boston 4-1 in the series opener. Price looked a little shakey at the start, but rebounds were completely under control after the first period.

Go Habs! The playoffs make me want to dig out all my Canadiens paraphenalia.


4 Replies to “Montreal Canadiens Win Series Opener 4-1”

  1. I’m still waiting for the Leafs to stop sucking, although I think I could set aside my grievances with the Habs in order to see a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup.

    As long as it’s not the Senators.

  2. I haven’t been keeping up much since I came to Bermuda, but I used to be a Leafs fan. The only issues I have with the Canadians and the Sens is that they usually beat the Leafs 😛

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