Mobile World Congress 2008

What does MWC mean to you? Perhaps MacWorld Conference? To me, it stands for Mobile World Congress, and this year, it starts tomorrow in Barcelona. I’m looking forward to tons and tons of handset launches. Sony Ericsson has already preempted the event with several product launches of its own, including the (thus far) well received XPERIA X1, which is surprisingly running on the Windows Mobile platform. Specs look great, especially the inclusion of a 3″ WVGA (800×480) touch screen and a slide out QWERTY keypad. Although I said I was striking Sony Ericsson off my list of potential handsets, this looks like one hot device…

With that said, I’m leaning more and more towards a BlackBerry. If this semester has taught me anything, it’s that I need to get more organized. With so many things on my plate, it’s becoming difficult to keep track of the things I need to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis. I’ve found myself wishing, on more than one occasion, that I had a device with full PIM functionality and a QWERTY keypad so that I could quickly and easily jot down notes to remind myself at a later time. That’s something a BlackBerry would allow me to accomplish much more easily than a Nokia feature-phone. Plus, I remembered some information about a new BlackBerry due out later this year. Boy does it look good.

BlackBerry 8xxx

I’m especially liking the high resolution display (480×320 versus the standard 320×240) and the design. But with all the new devices that will be launched this week at Mobile World Congress, who knows, there may be many more devices joining the new BlackBerry and XPERIA X1 on my short list.


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  1. So what do you think about the XPERIA? In my opinion, Sony Ericsson definitely has the nicest set of devices so far. Let’s see what the next couple days bring.

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