Mini PCs and Vista SP1 Battery Life

There’s been a lot of hype and news regarding low-cost and/or small form factor PCs in recent days.

HP 2133 Mini-Note

Let’s start off with the HP 2133 Mini-Note. I wrote about my thoughts earlier and followed up with the editor at Notebook Review regarding possible problems with the VIA power management module. Unfortunately, the unit has been sent back to HP already, but judging by the editor’s experience with the 1.2GHz C7-M ULV in the Everex Cloudbook, the heat dissipation and mediocre battery life are not isolated to the HP 2133.

Dell plans for the low-cost notebook market

While in Tel-Aviv, Dell’s CEO, Michael Dell said that the low-cost notebook market is something he plans on addressing.

We do see opportunities for very interesting products that are smaller and lighter and address the more mobile users in a very cost-effective way – Michael Dell

The rumours are that based on the potential June announcement, this product or product line will be powered by Intel’s Atom processor. I certainly hope the offering will be as well designed and built as the HP 2133, but also more functional, from a heat and battery life point of view. Take the HP 2133, reduce the heat dissipation and make the battery life 1.5X or more and you’ll have something that is really appealing.

ASUS Essentio 5110

Here’s a higher-end mini-desktop from ASUS, equipped with a Blu-Ray drive along with the performance to power 1080p content. It’s definitely not a competitor for something like the upcoming Eee Desktop, but does address what I’ve been writing about recently, an attractive, almost decorative desktop. It’s not a power performer, but, as an HTPC, has the ability to push all the HD content the user could want. This ASUS looks like one of the more attractive and well integrated HTPCs I’ve seen thus far.

Vista SP1 Battery Life

I recently installed SP1 for Vista on my Dell XPS M1330 and I’ve noticed an improvement in battery life. Some initial testing with SP1 has shown a 14.2W power consumption during web browsing and productivity work, versus 15.6W without SP1 under the same conditions. The SP1 testing was performed with an extra BlueTooth module as well. This translates into an almost 10% increase in battery life (around 20 extra minutes with the 6 cell and half an hour with the 9 cell), which is quite significant.


3 Replies to “Mini PCs and Vista SP1 Battery Life”

  1. Interesting article on batteries for the HP 2133 Mini-Note. Personally I have yet to find a notebook that offers a long battery life. Apparently they do exist or this article would not. Suppose I need to do more homework before my next purchase. Therefore I have learned something here today, Thanks. Even more interesting Dell plans to offer the low-cost notebook in the market. I like dell but shy away from them in the notebook area. Typically I have owned Toshiba and HP notebooks. Both have satisfied my appetite. So this is good news for me. Once again this blog has offered valuable information. Again thanks 🙂
    As for the SP1 for Vista, well I have not seen the same effect. Instead I cut many options out from Vista as it really took a lot of resources to operate. Again another interesting post. Thanks and keep up the good content.

  2. i think vista is a great os, the problem isnt so much the os but the battery time in most laptops. most new laptops come with a short battery life. but if you do your homework you can find long life batterys at half the price on the net.

  3. Hello there! Thanks for this writeup is very interesting, I have been looking for a low-cost laptop or notebook, and I will probably buy an Acer eeePC, I will not run Windows Vista on it for sure because it doesn’t have enough processing power for that. I will probably install windows XP SP3 and also try out Ubuntu. This low cost laptop revolution is a great thing!

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