Mid Year’s Resolutions

Well, seems like it’s been an ongoing trend without my friends’ blogs, so I thought I may as well put my hopes and aspirations down on ‘paper’ as well. I know I tend to not make resolutions even at New Years because I will more than likely neglect them after a week or two, but I guess I’ll just have to try harder or something. No order of importance, just the order in which they come to mind (which could be a judge of importance I guess).

  1. I will try my hardest to meet at least one new person everyday during my time at the University of Waterloo.
  2. I will try to keep up the regular postings here on my blog.
  3. Try to increase my physical activities. I’ve been doing pushups and crunches everyday now, but I intend to start running. It’s been slightly warm these days but it doesn’t seem to be cooling down so I may just have to bite the bullet.
  4. I will not spend money on technology unless it is absolutely required (ok, required by my standards…).
  5. I will keep in touch with the friends I have back on the Island and around the world. I will try to find ways to make this as convenient as possible.
  6. I will take more pictures. I have a camera; I may as well use it to its full extent. I don’t have enough photos from my life on the Island. I don’t intend for that to happen again.
  7. I will lead instead of be lead. Independence will be a large part in this and hopefully living away from home will help me in this regard.
  8. Keep my mind open to new things. Don’t be afraid to try things I’ve not done before. Eat foods I haven’t tasted and listen to things I’ve never heard.
  9. I will always remember to have fun. Yes I am going to university, but that’s exactly it. I’m not going to a jail or something.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I can always update this as time goes on. Hopefully it’ll be more meaningful than the ritualistic New Year’s resolutions.


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  1. Good resolutions Chuck, I love reading what everyone has to say. Thanks again for your help with my many endless blog problems;)…..you may be halfway across the country but I still manage to screw up everything computer related!

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