Low Morale

A guy got on the bus awfully pissed off about something. Currently, every second word he’s saying is sh*t or f*ck or some other profanity. I wonder if it makes him feel good when he disses his cell phone over and over…

Yes, I’m on the bus for the first time in quite a long while, hence the absence of these ‘bus notes’. I’ve been going home every other week or so with a friend who also lives in Niagara Falls. He has a car and as a result, I haven’t had to put up with these overly lengthy trips. But this time I’m actually only going to Hamilton where I’m meeting my parents with an eventual destination of Mississauga.  While at university, my parents went and checked out a place for me for when I’m on my co-op at Bell Mobility. I’m just going to have a final look at the place and we’ll probably sign the contract there. My parents already told me the place looks pretty good. I trust their judgment enough so I’m expecting a decent place.

This past week has been quite frustrating. This was the last full week of lectures; we’ve got only 2 days next week and it’s exam time (uh oh). It seems like to top off an already difficult semester, they laid on the hurt with some of the most difficult assignments/quizzes I’ve seen so far this semester. For example,  I spent 3 hours on a CDT yesterday (it’s supposed to be only a ‘quiz’) and before that, we had a long-ass calculus assignment on double and triple integrals. How enjoyable. I’ve still got two assignments to hand in before the end of lectures. One is physics, which I heard is very simple and the other is accounting. I read through the assignment and it’s definitely going to take a while to set up properly in excel. It sure gets confusing as hell when you start combining interest, inflation, taxes, uncertainty and all that into a financial analysis. I can just see how simple it would have been for companies to make one little error and have to restate earnings. Sometimes I sit there reading earnings reports from various companies. I’ve stared in awe at the disgusting amount of profit or appalling losses, but never have I wondered how long it would have taken to prepare the earnings report itself. Definitely not child’s play. No wonder those CA’s get paid the big bucks.

Oh right, this was a frustrating week. Well, it’s getting very close to exam time and these difficult assignments and quizzes have definitely done nothing good for the confidence levels. It’s really difficult to feel too good going into your exams after getting violated by an inanimate object. And they wonder why we have such low morale in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. Fortunately I do have time to prepare for these exams. It’s great that our exams are at least spaced out rather nicely. While I only have 5 exams, they’re spread out over just about two weeks.

After the 3 hour ‘quiz’ yesterday, I decided to take it easy since my brain was absolutely fried in every way. I had been planning on working on that accounting assignment, but I haven’t counted on that CDT to be so difficult or lengthy. As a result, I spend the night watching some TV and surfing the internet. Around 10:30pm I decided to have a look at what services the wireless providers in this country offer. (This reminds me, I’m supposed to have a look at the wireless data services available from  the various telecoms in Canada before my work term…) I ended up making an excel sheet with all of the features I need and the monthly contract I’d need to get from the four providers in Canada. (Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility and Fido) I priced up something along the lines of 150-200 anytime minutes, at least 1000 evening and weekend minutes, 100 long distance minutes, unlimited (essentially, or like 1000) text messages, Caller ID, and a voice mailbox. It’s looking like somewhere around $60/month for any of the above mentioned service providers, which is a little steep, but this would be my only phone since I move around too much to get a land line. I’m just waiting for these consumer-ised BlackBerries to drop on the Bell Mobility network. That way I can pick up an awesome device while retaining my current number. I can hardly wait for something like the current 7130s but with an MP3 player and a camera.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I think I’m going to start those posts on “Theatre of the Mind”. I’ve really been putting it off since I always think it’ll take too big of a chunk of time. I’m going to at least jot down some point form subjects I want to talk about.


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  1. I think the gov’t passed something or other that starting in 2007 will allow you to switch telephone providers without having to change your number, mobile or otherwise. Personally though, I wouldn’t want a BlackBerry. They’re too big. I prefer a cell phones. I’m actually going to upgrade mine in Sept. (hopefully) and try to snag a Samsung P207. For my needs, it’s perfect; plus in person they’re drop dead gorgeous. As for plans, try and get some sort of student one and add to it. With Rogers right now I get 250 daytime minutes, plus unlimited evenings and weekends, free rogers-to-rogers, call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, and 75 text messages a month (2.5 per day) all for 40 bucks. If you were to add long distance calling (which is all that’s left) it would be like $50. Plus, I’m sure you can get some of the features trimmed that you wouldn’t want (like call waiting).

  2. Yeah, I read about that phone number retention thing as well. I’m looking forward to it. After all, my current plan doesn’t actually end until the end of this year.

    The full keypad BlackBerries are sort of big, but the SureType ones are a lot sleeker. My dad’s got one and I’m actually quite a fan of the form factor. Now if they’d only design it to be a little more aesthetically pleasing…

    I’m actually not much of a fan of the P207. If you want a flip phone, I’d take a look at the Samsung T609 or if you’re willing to shell out $400, take a look at the Samsung D600 series. Now that’s what I call hot.

    Right now, I’ve priced up a decent package at Bell:

    • 200 daytime
    • unlimited evening/weekends
    • unlimited local incoming calls
    • 100 long distance minutes
    • caller ID, voice mail, unlimited text, call waiting, etc
    • unlimited browsing

    For $55 before the system access fee, e911 and all that crap. I couldn’t find any sort of student plan from any of the providers. I don’t know if I wasn’t looking hard enough or not looking at the right place or what though…

  3. They may not offer student plans until around Sept. And oh man, that samsung you mentioned is drop dead gorgeous. Screw the p207, i want that one!

  4. Which one were you talking about? Although it’s pretty easy to say both the T609 and the D600 are awesome phones, the D600 is one of the best phones out there.

  5. Definitely the t609. The first google hit shows it in white. Oh man, it’s so sexy and would match my iPod/MacBook perfectly. As for the d600, eh, not a big fan of the candybar phone.

  6. Man flip phones are fugly. Stick phones are so much better! And they are much more durable.

    I’m kind of torn between Telus and Rodgers…any suggestions?

  7. I have to agree of all the form factors, I like flip phones the least. However, they do lend themselves to be quite compact for the features they pack. And they are definitely the most popular around.

    As for Telus and Rogers (notice, no ‘d’ in there… ;)) it really depends on if you want to take the phone to Europe next year or not. If you are planning on it, you have really no other choice than to go with Rogers/Fido. However, as I said, Telus and Aliant Mobility have much better coverage on the Island and in Canada in general. (substitute Bell Mobility for Aliant in the rest of the Canada)

  8. I prefer Rogers simply because they offer free Rogers-to-Rogers calling, that way you can chat it up with other Rogers customers for free. Their service here on the island is decent at best, but that’s because they just got here last year and only have one tower in town. By the end of the year they’ll have another and so their coverage will improve ten fold.

  9. Haha, it’s widely known that Rogers has far from the largest network in Canada. Bell Mobility covers much more area than Rogers does.

    Worldwide, Rogers does have some great roaming plans, simply because it’s using GSM, but in Canada, no, it definitely doesn’t have the largest. (at least not in the general sense of the word. I’d like to hear what they consider ‘largest’)

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