Windows 7 Long Shutdown Times Solved

Ever since setting up my new desktop, I’ve had extremely long shutdown times with Windows 7, usually taking several minutes to turn off. Initially, I thought this was due to a buggered install, but after a reformat did nothing to solve the issue, I dug deeper into the internet.

I first checked my Startup/Shutdown logs to see if any processes were hanging. You can access the logs by:

  1. Searching for “Performance Information and Tools” in the Windows 7 start menu search
  2. Click “Advanced Tools” on the left
  3. Select “View performance details in Event log
  4. The Event Viewer will now pop up.
  5. Drill down into “Application and Services Logs
  6. Go down further into Microsoft > Windows > Diagnostics-Performance
  7. Under “Operational“, any events with IDs of 201 and higher will indicate shutdown issues. Check them.

I didn’t find any processes that were slowing the shutdown, so I looked harder.

Turns out Windows was getting stuck on clearing the page file on shutdown. Since I have an SSD, had disabled the page file altogether as one of the standard SSD OS tweaks. Was Windows getting confused about not being able to find the page file to clear? I’m not quite certain what the explanation is.

If you’re having long or delayed shut downs, try disabling page file clearing at shutdown by setting the following registry (regedit.exe) DWORD to zero (0).

HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management
> ClearPageFileAtShutdown

Hopefully that helps anyone with shutdown performance issues. If any SSD users find the registry edit solved the problem, let me know if you have a page file enabled or not in the comments. Perhaps I can collect some data and forward it on to some contacts at Microsoft.


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  1. Where is/are some trustworthy sites to check these errors besides Microsoft? Each one I have checked, MS say the error(s) are not found.

    I have had this computer for a couple of months, and it is frustrating to not find any answers.


  2. Same problem but had my pagefile on another drive, never had this problem until running Windows 7 on a SSD. Thankfully the regedit change fixed it perfectly.

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