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Well, I can still hardly believe it, but I’m typing this to you from the University of Waterloo. I moved in around 10:30 this morning and spent most of the morning and a bit of the afternoon unpacking. It’s pretty disgusting how much stuff I brought, although there are people who brought more. When packing it was like, well I’ll definitely use that, I’ll more than likely use this, oh, that looks useful, yep, bring that, I’ll maybe use this, oh I have to have that, oh what the hell, let’s just take everything. That’s honestly what it felt like. But the room here isn’t that small and everything fits fine. Although? I don’t have my minifridge here yet. 😮

As of right now, I’m actually just typing this up in Word since the internet doesn’t work as of right now. We’ve got a floor meeting coming up in about 45 minutes from now at 5PM where hopefully we’ll find out some more info about the coming week. There’s some wacky events happening outside, but I don’t think they concern us first year students. Just watching a bit, it looks pretty funny and entertaining.

I just took a walk outside after that last paragraph to go get my WATCARD, which is the U of Waterloo student ID and like everything incorporated into one. Want food from the meal plan? Use your WATCARD. Want to sign out books from the library? WATCARD please. So and so forth. It’s a terribly nice day outside, sunny and warm so I don’t mind walking around the campus. I thought I?d get lost, but guess my general sense of direction isn’t too lacking.

However I have encountered a problem. You see, I don’t know anyone here. Not a soul. I’ve said hi to the guys I’ve seen on my residence floor but that’s about it. Said a greeting in passing. It seems like everyone’s busy, heading somewhere that it’s hard to talk, not withstanding the fact that I probably have little to commence a conversation with anyways. But as I said in my mid-year’s resolution, I intend on making that extra effort and meeting more people than if I sat around passively waiting. That’s generally the game I’ve played and I don’t think it’s going to get me very far here. So yeah, I’m looking forward to this floor meeting as well as the week in general. Hopefully it’ll jumpstart the whole process. I see many people walking around in at least twos or threes which makes me envy them a great deal. If only I could have one person I know here. That would make life a lot easier. Eh, it’ll push me, which is good. I need to learn a bit of aggressiveness.

On the other hand, there is no lack of hot women despite what you may think about this school. As academic as it may seem, I have a feeling it’s far from at least what I expected. Of course the ladies are always good in a situation like this to make me feel even more hesitant. I spoke with someone back on PEI about this matter. He and I both concluded, hot ladies make us scared.

Oh I bought my books today. For this term alone I spent $700+ on books. They?re all big and disgusting looking. I haven’t even bothered opening them, but from the thickness (a book can always be judged by thickness 😉 I?d rate them a 2 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being easiest to read. I’ve seen worse, but when a book entitled C# Concisely is like huge, you can be sure it’s not gonna be good night reading.

I watched a few sections of the Chris Driscoll Tribute Concert DVD. It was so inspiring. I’m not ashamed to say I shed more than one tear at the end of the Drum War to End All Drum wars between Alan, Richard and Chris McCann. I remember that concert well. It was long, but I wanted it to continue forever. That was an amazing night. I’ve got track 9 of the first DVD ripped audio only so that I can listen to it. I can’t remember what it’s called or who it’s by (maybe Bob Dylan?) but it’s the one with the organ dude and Ian Toms. It’s a fantastic performance that I now love listening to. In fact, I’m listening to it as I type.

Okay, back from the frosh week opening ceremonies. It was a lot of fun actually and a ton of yelling. Great stuff for building the whole community feel. Plus I did a bunch of things that I normally wouldn’t do, but since we?re all in the same boat, it didn’t feel too weird at all. In fact quite relieving and gives me confidence going into the rest of the week.

So I’ve basically met everyone on my floor of this residence and many of the people in the building (there’s 59 of us). Unfortunately, for some off reason, we got the only all male residence. Kinda crappy (actually no, really crappy) but there’ll be many visits to other dorms soon enough I’m sure. The guys are all pretty cool and it’s pretty funny when people actually say noob in real like. I’ll have to ease into the stuff like OMGWTFLOLPWNT, but I think I’ll eventually be able to say it without getting weird looks. That would be quite the stunt. It’s great how they set up the dorms as many people on the floor are in the same faculty, in my case engineering. This almost guarantees that there’ll be something to talk about that you have in common. Pretty neat.

Also the opening ceremonies only solidify my initial thoughts about the hot women here. Yes, there are lots. Yummy. It should be interesting actually finding ways to get to know them, but it should be easily done with the friendliness shown by everyone so far. As they say, it’s fun if you want it to be.

But I think it’s gonna be soon time for bed here. I may read some of this new book I recently started, another one in the Dune series. It’s been a good read so far and I look forward to continuing it. It’s starting to get quieter here as well, and I’m terribly tired. I have a feeling my voice isn’t gonna be what it was tomorrow morning. All that yelling and screaming can’t be good for the vocal chords.

So til next time, adios.


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  1. Hey Charlie….guess what?? There is a guy who lives down the hall and he is obsessed with Unreal Tournament and says WTF…..LOL. As soon as he said it Sarah and I both looked at each other and said CHARLIE! Just thought I would let you know;)

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