K790 Resuscitation and RIM Earnings

I finally got around to flashing my K790a today (I actually had to boot into Windows XP because Sony Ericsson doesn’t support Vista with their update service) and it seems to have solved most of the software issues I’ve been experiencing lately. Obviously the navigation stick problems are still there. I’ll probably end up having to send this phone in to Sony Ericsson anyways. Nevertheless, it’s nice to not have a brick…

The company right next door, Research in Motion reported absolutely spectacular earnings and forecast another blowout quarter coming up. First quarter earnings were up 73% over the prior year while revenues were up 77% year over year. Going forward, Research in Motion forecasts earnings of $1.37 – 1.49 per share for the upcoming quarter on $1.30 – 1.37 billion in revenues. That’s substantially higher than the analyst consensus of $1.12 per share and $1.11 billion respectively. They also announced a 3-for-1 stock split, effective August 20, 2007.

Research in Motion stock is up over 17% after hours at a penny less than $194USD. Wow.


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  1. I have a similar problem with my k790 , but it doesnt even get booted properly. It stops right after the round sony ericsson logo and show a jumbled up menu with only 2 options on the screen. nothing works there after. I was wondering if the flashing the firmware will solve this.

    as my phone is not getting booted properly ? does the phone need to be ON for flash upgrade, or can it be done in switched off mode.?

  2. I got it sorted out. The phone was booting to the idle screen, problem was caused by menu file which was messed up, so in tuen all the screens were all messed up and i could not select anything or navigate. I did not even get that menu error msg. By idle screen was of weird image from the theme stretched and button names poppping up at various places.

    I updated the firmware using the sony update service software.

    ** The phone needs to be switched off for that.
    And now things are fine again. all things working well.

    original symtoms were as follows.

    1.It actually started with corrupt messages.
    2. Message from sender displayed with with a wrong sender. I replied to many people who did not send me those messages.
    3. Corrupted themes
    4. Currupted theme display on re boot.
    5. finally the messed up state on reboot.

  3. i have the same problem; i’ve tried running SEUS but it says it can’t find the phone!

    i tried going to Wotan and i get a SEMCSEC status 3 error and apparently that means my phone cannot be updated. My phone is running R1GB001 and they have R6BC002 but unfortunately i can’t install it; any ideas?

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