I’ve Got Nothing Against Apple

Let me prove it to you. I was doing some tech news browsing during my break from studying (now) and I came across a very lame and frustrating article.

Suit filed over Nano scratches

I mean, that is just plain stupid. There’s a class-action lawsuit against Apple due to ‘excessive’ scratching of the iPod Nano. Jeez, I mean clearly if my iPod doesn’t look new after using it, I should be entitled to some money right? I had a 3G iPod and scratched that up, but did I go clamoring around bitching at Apple? No. I bought a frigging case to put it in. I can see what things are going through these peoples’ minds. ‘Ho hum, I spent $300 on a Nano, I was going to show it off, but I accidentally put it into the pocket with my keys and it scratched… Hmmm how can I get back at them since they won’t let me exchange it for a new one? I know, LET’S SUE THEM!???!!!!!111 w00TOMGOWZN0REDNUBS!!!11!‘ I’d personally suggest them to purchase a baseball bat and smack themselves upside the head.

I know I know, you bought the iPod to show off to your friends cause your wang’s a little too short to brag about. And now that your new Nano is scratched, well it makes you feel even less adequate than the tiny tot does. So basically you spent $300 and now you can’t even make up for it. What a shame. Maybe, instead of doing that, you’d buy it to actually use it for its functionality. Sure it’s a very nice looking device, but I damn well hope you didn’t buy it just to show off. In that case, I’m sure I could start up a company and make Nano shells and sell them to you for $200. I mean a whole $100 cheaper and it’d do everything you want it to do anyways… Impress people.

You know what I have to say to this lawsuit? I think I’m going to go buy a 5G iPod, yeah the one that uses the same sort of protective plastic covering as the Nano. Yeah, that one that scratches… Maybe even easier than the older iPods.. Oh no. My Creative has finally bitten the dirt (I think for the last time) today and no amount of resetting or whatever could revive it. I’m going to get that new iPod and I’m going to take care of it and keep it relatively scratch free. Even when it does scratch (and oh it will, sorry to wake you from your dream world, but things you use tend to look used) I’m still going to use it and take care of it cause I spent $400 for it.

To be honest though, this is partially Apple’s fault too. It’s not because they’re using shoddy materials, far from it. It’s because of the image of the company. In the past, people have bought iPods, iMacs, whatever because they were aesthetically appealing. Apple became known as a juggernaut of design. People flocked to the products not necessarily because of functionality or features. They bought them because they became like something like jewelery. Something to indicate status. Way back when, you could say, ‘I’ve got an iPod’ and people would crowd around to get a look at it. Physical appearance has overtaken everything that the iPod is. So when that ‘feature’ gets messed up, of course people are going to complain. I bet if the menu system messed up, less people would complain than if it scratched. That’s just the way it is and really mirrors how our society works. What is held and happens underneath that pleasing outside layer really doesn’t matter to them. They don’t look at that screen and marvel at its engineering design or the thinness of the player and think about how it’s possible.

I’m buying the 5G iPod because the screen’s going to be nice to have for playing Family Guy episodes on the bus back home. I’m buying it because it has a very nice price/storage ratio. I’m buying it because I’m going to use it as a music playing device. Sure, it’s awfully nice looking and all, but I’m not going to have a stroke when I find that first scratch.


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  1. I agree. The fact that these people also want a cut of the nano profits proves they just want money. If your stupid enough to put an mp3 player in the same pocket as your keys and not expect it to get scratched, then you should be sued for being stupid.

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