If Your Hands…

If your hands are so cold that they hurt, they’re not nearly cold enough. This morning was the coldest day I have ever felt in my life, ever. It was all the wind. With like 90km winds combined with an already negative 10-15C meant super low wind chills. At some points in my walk to and from the bus, I actually had great difficulty physically walking against the wind. It wasn’t just the cold, the actual force of it was pretty immense. You know how I always carry a camera around with me and all? Well, I got this bright idea this morning that I’d take a few pictures of the ‘beauty’ of the blowing snow around me. So out of the pockets came the hands and off slipped the gloves. In about the time it took me to get off two quick pictures, my hands had basically frozen. They were so cold that even after continuing my walk for 2 or 3 minutes with my gloves back on and hands in pocket they were completely, absolutely numb. Because I couldn’t feel my hands at all, I fumbled with the locking mechanism on the company door. I ended up cutting my hands, but I couldn’t even tell that I did until I look at them. I could only marvel that they were clearly cut but I couldn’t feel anything at all. The pain would hit later.

The co-op crew went out for lunch again today, and we recruited two full timers. We went to a bar-ish place, a la Fishbones, but it was more sports oriented. They had a bunch of HDTVs hanging on the walls showing the Olympics. I managed to watch Canada win two medals (gold and silver) in skeleton live. That was pretty exciting. Also, I watched the Sweden-US women’s hockey semi-final. That was quite an intense game. The Swedish goalie was pretty amazing. Anyways, it was a big upset, with Sweden beating out the US in a shootout. It was really exciting at the restaurant there. It seemed like everyone was cheering for Sweden for some reason. Or maybe it was everyone was cheering against the Americans… The American people don’t deserve that, but nonetheless, I cannot deny that I was also cheering for the Swedes.

So after getting back to work from like a one and one half hour lunch (I make up for it since I work basically an extra hour each day anyways. :P) I finished up work on a few scripts I’ve been writing over the past two days. I’m very proud to say they worked as expected. It was a great confidence booster. It would appear I can write real, applicable pieces of code instead of random assignments to prove our worth.

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