I Want To Go Home

After three years in Ontario, I still consider Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, home. It’s been three years, but with perhaps my sentimentality and sense of loyalty peeking through, I still suffer from crippling bouts of nostalgia every so often. For me, I think it’s the culture and environs that really set it apart. I still haven’t found that sense of community here in Ontario.

It’s been about two years since I last visited PEI, in the summer of 2006. Granted I don’t get much time for breaks and relaxation during this 5 year co-op program that has effectively taken away summer holidays, but I’m still disappointed that I haven’t been able to find the time to go back more often. It’s difficult to juggle what little time I do have between work and school semesters, and the schedule of friends back on the Island.

So, when I found out I’d be finishing up on April 30th at Sybase, and that a lot of old friends would be congregating on PEI at the beginning of May, I started making plans. I don’t want to get anyone’s (especially my own) hopes up, but I’m optimistic about the opportunity. Provided I can get a pair of plane tickets for a reasonable price (which is looking fairly likely) and getting to and from the airport isn’t a problem, I could find myself on PEI, on May 1st.

For now, I’ll be crossing my fingers in the hopes that everything comes together. I’ll also have to get cracking at my work term report, as I doubt I’ll have much time to work on that, if I do make it back to PEI for a visit. 🙂


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