Haven’t Had This Much Trouble Since

Okay. I’m actually not sure when the last time I’ve run into this many computer/tech problems all in such short order. It’s been a very frustrating evening so far especially since I’ve got a multi-page assignment due for our PDEng course this Friday. And I’ve barely started on it.

Yesterday I installed EphPod, which is a third party application for syncing iPods. It has quite a few features over iTunes, one of which, the ability to copy songs from your iPod to your computer, I required. Well all seemed great as I copied a few songs from my iPod. But when I loaded up iTunes, it gave me an error about an unreadable database or something along those lines. I pretty much ignored it since loading up EphPod was no problem. It could still read everything just fine. I didn’t pay much more attention to that.

So I’m at work today and I pull out my iPod. What am I greeted with? An empty iPod. Well, not empty, a quick check through the About section revealed that I had only 10GB out of 27GB-ish remaining, which was inline with what I’d expect. The problem is, the database was changed somehow by EphPod when it synced and the iPod/iTunes was no longer capable of reading it. This generated quite a pain since I had to restore my iPod back to its original conditions, in the process wiping the hard drive. While I was fortunate enough to have all my music with me anyways (2 copies actually, one of the laptop drive and another on the backup external) I had deleted all the storage-hungry video files that I had converted for use with the iPod. So that meant I had to use EphPod (one last time before I trash it forever), transfer those video files off the iPod, restore my iPod, then transfer everything back onto it. It’s in the process as I write.

I had an even bigger scare when I came back and turned on my laptop today. The first time, Windows was totally unresponsive. I couldn’t do anything at all. The last resort Ctrl+Alt+Dlt didn’t even work. I had to go a hard shut down. Upon starting up the next time, my antivirus wouldn’t load. The next restart wouldn’t even get me past the login screen. It would go to the screen but not show the users I could log in as. Trying to shut down from there also didn’t work. Again a hard reset and again I was greeted by the empty login screen.

Panic mode (almost).

This is the point where Safe Mode was started up and a system restore was done to last night. I hadn’t changed anything so I couldn’t imagine what was causing all the trouble. Thankfully, the system restore worked and I’ve got my system back up and running properly. Generally an unpleasant experience though.

So I’m not sure why it’s all going down the drain tonight. I’ve really got to get going on that work report assignment. 🙁

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  1. If you want to copy songs back to your computer, I suggest you trash EphPod and go with PodUtil. It has some more advanced “pay for” features, but the basic free features suffice.

  2. Thanks Rene. I just downloaded that but I’ll probably keep in on the backburner for a while. I think I’ve risked enough for today and I’m not feeling too adventurous. When my life gets boring, I can pull it out and infuse some sense of danger into my computing experience.

    Was that not the saddest thing you’ve ever read? 😛

  3. Sounds like my adventures with windows too. Except, back when I was using 98 that would have been the end of my computer…possibly resulting in a format…since there was no system restore:P Oh the good old days:P

    If you want to send an email on weekends I won’t be able to get it until monday…my host parents won’t let me use the computer at home:P

  4. Hi,
    I’m having the exact same problem with ephpod being able to read its own database and me being able to look in the Music folder on my iPod, seeing it’s all there, but iPod/iTunes being unable to read it. My problem is I don’t have a copy of my music with me as I’m traveling, and I don’t have any devices with me with space enough on them for moving the music files over for later transfer with something else than ephpod. If you yourself found any solution to this problem that doesn’t involve moving all the music over, or if you have heard of anyoe that has experienced the same, please tell me about it.

    Sune Keller 🙂

  5. I had this sort of problem again later on, Sune, and I discovered that I was fortunately able to save everything just by downloading the new iPod firmware and doing an update instead of a full restore. That way, I guess it created a new database or something and saved my music.

    Note that this time, it wasn’t because I had connected to EphPod again. I just hope that program didn’t permanently damage something, but I’m going to get it checked out nonetheless.

    Hope you’ve got version 1.1 or earlier firmware on there so you can update to 1.1.1.

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