Goodies Await my Return from Waterloo

It was the final day of lectures for the 3B semester at the University of Waterloo, and I now find myself writing this from the comfort of home sweet home, where I’ll spend the next week or so, studying for final exams.

With that in mind, I came home to a whole pile of goodies that demanded my immediate attention. It goes without saying, there was little in the way of studying this evening.

A whole pile of goodies await me

Deserving of an analysis which I’ll leave for another time, the 3G iPhone hasn’t impressed me much, with my horrendous luck with the hardware, awful device performance (third-party verified), and the piss-poor iTunes application, which is necessary for the management of the device. Everyone says it’s karma for my hatin’ on Apple… Regardless of the reason, it hasn’t been the most pleasing of devices to use. It’s no longer aligned with what I want in a smartphone.

Enter the Nokia E71. Long story short, listed the E71-2 for a stunning $320CAD a short while ago. At about half the cost of a BlackBerry Bold (my other replacement consideration), I decided it was worth the risk to try a device on an unfamiliar platform. Worse comes to worst, I can sell a mint E71 on eBay, at least recouping my cost. Plus who doesn’t like new gadgets to play with? šŸ™‚ I’m stretching the device out right now; hopefully I’ll have something to detailed to write later next week.

The Office 2007 Ultimate package came along with the book on designing forms for InfoPath from, you guessed it, Microsoft. My hiring manager at Microsoft kindly sent me some materials to help me get acquainted with the product I’ll be working on. That’s $1000 of software and textbook there…

Finally, the three CDs are from the marketing director for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, who contacted me after reading the post on my experience at last season’s performance of Holst’s The Planets. I gave her permission to use a quote or two for marketing purposes and was kindly offered a TSO Live CD. She sent three. šŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to listening to them as I study this next week. If you’re reading this, thanks! It’s great to see every sort of organization keeping the pulse of the online community.


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  1. I almost bought that phone during Christmas break. It’s all around a really nice phone with lots of UI and stability updates, but the deal breaker for me was that it didn’t support Blackberry Connect. šŸ™

  2. Yeah, no more BB Connect from Nokia in the foreseeable future I think. They have their own product, Nokia Messaging, which I have installed and it’s working decently. I get push email for my Gmail, random process, and the UWaterloo account with it.

    Another reason I didn’t go the BlackBerry route is that Rogers wants $35/month for the BlackBerry data/value pack and a 3-year resign for it, whereas I’m currently paying $20/month for the exact same thing, minus BIS support (the CSR lady told me I could use any smartphone with the iPhone package, except there would be no BIS support). I don’t want to extend my contract again, as who knows where I’ll be three years from now…

  3. Yea, Rogers’ is onto locking everyone into new contracts with data plans. The old data value packs didn’t have contracts with it at all; the new policy is as good as robbery.

    Well at least the E71 has wifi on it. šŸ™‚ If you have a Skype account with the subscription, you should try out fring ( and you can make calls for free.

  4. I can see the karma thing being true. All the issues I’ve had with mine were directly my fault (stepping on it while drunk; having it fall out of my hand and clank the entire way down the stairwell; etc.)

    I’ve never been happier with a device. Ever.

    Have fun with your Nokia.

  5. I’m a sucker for aesthetics so was a bit disappointed with the stock themes for the E71. But I’ve since installed a gorgeous theme, N86 Solace, and the device is starting to grow on me. It’s a productivity powerhouse for sure. Push email from 3 accounts, IM, finally a physical keypad. Yeah, I like.

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