Going To Any Orchestra Performances?

A friend asked me today if I planned on attending any orchestra performances, while I’m in the Seattle area this fall. I didn’t even know if Seattle had an orchestra.

Some digging later, I find myself in the possession of a ticket to see Ben Folds with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra on October 20th. I’m so pumped.

Ben Folds with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra

Here’s a bit of background. Back in early high school, on Prince Edward Island, I was introduced to Ben Folds (Five) by a good friend, during a time when listening to punkish/cut-yourself music made one appear as though they were in touch… and so deep. A factor of the time and the age, I’m certain. In any case, the first song I heard, Fred Jones Part 2, was pretty slick (I mean, where was Part 1?!). It’s about a guy who is let go from the job that he’s had for many years at the local paper. It details his last moments at the company. Emotional stuff.

Fast forward to high school graduation: Ben Folds’ Still Fighting It was the graduation song, chosen by our class. I was a pretty big fan of him, loved the piano tunes and all that. Let’s just say, Ben Folds holds a special place in my heart, being the nostalgic that I am.

So, I was justifiably excited when I saw Ben Folds’ name appear in the Seattle Symphony Orchestra schedule. Cue the mystical destiny music. What are the chances I’m to travel half-way across the continent, to the West Coast, only to see the one artist that holds the strongest connection for me back to Prince Edward Island? Well, those odds could probably be calculated (seeing as I’m studying Queuing Theory for ECE 418 right now), but I’d rather not, and leave some of the mystery.

Woo! Ben Folds!


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