Getting Old

Although this Hemmed theme was my baby, the pride of my work with WordPress themes, it has clearly started to get old. I’ve received many nice comments about its simplicity and straightforward-ness, but in the end, I find it a little plain and lacking in design. As a result, I’ve decided that my next project will be to produce a new theme that I can use for this blog. Seeing that final exams are approaching, I’ll leave it on the back burner for now until I start my job in September. I imagine I’ll have plenty of time after work not doing endless assignments. I’ll devote more time to resuscitating this blog, which has been receiving slightly pained postings in the past month or two. It always seems like whenever I think of something deep to write about, I realize I don’t have time to sit down for an hour and get it all down the way I want. As a result, most of the posts have been pretty superficial and incoherent, to say the least.

Since I’m already 75% (rough estimate) done of this week’s calculus assignment (oh crap, just remembered I have a discrete assignment due Wednesday…) I may sit myself down and write something I’ve been planning to write for the past 3 months or so. I still haven’t quite finished reading the book “Theatre of the Mind” by Jay Ingram, but there are several points which have piqued my interest and I’d like to share them with all you readers. In the meantime, I’ll just say it’s an amazing read and you should definitely consider picking it up if you have any interest in how the mind works.


6 Replies to “Getting Old”

  1. Looking forward to the new theme, as well as the new posts. Best of luck with the assignments and exams and try to save some time to relax!

    Can’t wait to see you.



  2. Do you know what else is getting old? This Post!!!!

    Sorry it was just too good an opportunity I had to say it. Hope everthing is going alright. Don’t stress too much just get ‘er done and come back home:D

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