Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Blogging for me has really been a very unstable little hobby. There are times when I absolutely despise the thought of posting anything; I sometimes just write something only because I feel guilty about neglecting it. It’s like an unwanted pet that you try to ignore but still have to feed, otherwise that’d just be mean. On the other hand, there are times when I’m so pumped to do something big for the blog. I want to make it much more than it is. Truth is, I’ve been hard pressed to find the time for it over the past while. Between school and work, it seems like I can’t catch a break where I can just sit down and get some stuff done on this site. Last work semester was pretty slack; this one is definitely not.

Nevertheless, this past couple days of me sitting around getting better from this awful sickness has given me some time to think and plan. Just like when I designed the site you’re currently looking at, I’ve drawn up, by hand, a design for the next version. I’m looking at something a little more static for the homepage and a little darker. The brightness of the current design doesn’t reflect on my thoughts and feelings. (not saying I think about deep, dark thoughts; it just looks a little… toyish) Of course the two biggest obstacles standing in my way are graphics and coding. Well, that sounds like just about everything that goes into creating a design now doesn’t it? 😛 Well, I’ll shirk the graphics by sticking to the simple stuff and coding I’m going to learn. It’s about time I did some of that; this semester has definitely not been kind to any coding abilities I may have had left from the first semester.

I think I’m really going to like it if I can transform this design I’m envisioning into digital form. With that, I’ll going to go prepare to head back to Mississauga. I’m going to endure these sniffles and head back to work tomorrow.


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