2 Replies to “FUD in Forums”

  1. Ah, it was just something about DX10. Some guy was going on about how DX10 cards don’t have hardware support for DX9 games and that’s why they’re slow… Absolutely false – unified shaders actually present the possibility of better shader efficiency in DX9 games.

    Not only was he spreading false information, he explicitly stated that he was a ‘guru’ in the field and a top guy at Guru3D (probably spam posts…). He proceeded to pull out two articles on DX10 from 2005, when the spec wasn’t even fully revealed.

    It was just BS overload and adding the ‘guru’ title to himself was the icing on the cake.

    There’s also been sooooo much stuff about ‘oh performance is bad? Must be Vista.’ Gaming performance is only down anywhere from 3-10% in games – some even do better in Vista.

    Another is, ‘the 8600 series performance is bad because drivers are immature’. Uh no. Stream processors were cut in a third from the 8800GTS and bandwidth in half. How do you expect it to do so well?


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