For the past several days, I’ve been fascinated by a FRONTLINE series on the war in Iraq, entitled “Bush’s War”. I’ll leave the pro/anti-war discussion out of this snippet, but regardless of position, the internal political power struggles that occurred are very interesting.

I’m very glad this series was made available for consumption on the web.


2 Replies to “FRONTLINE: Bush’s War”

  1. The scary thing about the whole ordeal is that a war was in the works years before this trauma gave them a reason. For a decade beforehand the neo-realists (neo-conservatives)were talking about how “weak” the US was becoming, how a “good war” was needed to bring back the virility and power of the US. The thing that is most scary is how bare the choices and statements made left the system to anyone looking with somewhat objective eyes. It was then that you could really see what the system is made up of; patriarchal and male-gendered, and frighteningly violent…frighteningly.

  2. Well, I see you know your politics (and given your program, you’d better! ;)). That’s pretty much what the first part of the series gets at – that some powerful people were planning the demise of Iraq long before 9/11 or cries of WMDs were heard publicly.

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