First Week of 2B

It’s almost been a week into the new semester. I finally got internet and gas yesterday, so this morning was my first warm shower in quite a while. It made me really appreciate hot water. I’ve always taken it for granted before. Ah, the amenities of this life I lead.

After a couple days of second-guessing myself, I decided to rewrite a large portion of the work term report. The topic has stayed the same, but I’ve added more technical content to it. I feared that the topic was too focused on the business aspect. At this point, I’ve done most of the new writing. I just need to review it and cut down the original business section to make sure it fits into the 10-15 page limit. It looks as though I won’t be completing this report as early as I had previously expected.

Now it’s time for me to head off to bed. I made the poor choice of reviewing the Lord of the Rings trilogy this week, which has completely messed up my sleep schedule. As if the regular 3 hour movies weren’t enough, the extended editions carry them well into the 4 hour range. I also have to write about another… interesting experience with Dell. Perhaps tomorrow though.


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