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It seems like the atmosphere and conditions in New Orleans have, unfortunately taken a turn for the worst. I’ve read reports of weapons fire, dead people piling up and health dangers loom. In addition, people have been living in horrendous conditions, with little to no food or water for nearly a week now. There’s still a very large amount of people trapped in the city. By their estimate of 80% evacuation, that would mean there are around 100,000 people in the city still, either dead or alive. Death tolls could rise into the thousands, which would be one of the worst tragedies in the United States in the past century. While you can read new article after news article at CBC, CNN, NBC, etc, they provide a very skewed image of what is really going on. I mean is it really important that we know that an American flag was torn to shreds by the wind? That’s pure propaganda, trying to stir our emotions. I don’t care about a damn flag, no matter what it represents, when people all around are dead or dieing.

Thus, I’ve been on the lookout for personal experiences in the area. Sure they may not be all encompassing, but they are what these people felt. Those reporters who are there now can only guess at the conditions, but these people have lived through it. These people are in their own way courageous, selfish, selfless, and angry. They are human. They provide us the true untainted view of what’s really going on. I’ve provided a number of links here which I have been following. Some of the tales are indeed harrowing and the comments show the frustration that exists in these people. I hope the ‘Big Easy’ comes out of this alive.

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Take a look at citizen journals as well.


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