First Reviews of the Acer Timeline

I recently wrote about the upcoming Acer Timeline series laptops, eagerly awaiting official reviews to ascertain if the 8 hour battery life claims were actually true. Now that two UK publications, The Register and Trusted Reviews, have released reviews of the 14″ version, it looks like the boasts were…


Granted the 8 hours+ was hit under very light load, it still translates into a sub 7W power consumption, with the 6 cell 56Whr battery. Very impressive. Extrapolating based  on system specifications, the 13.3″ version, which I am more interested in, should do just as well. Even with moderate productivity work and web browsing, 6 hours+ should be doable, all at 3.5lbs. That’s tasty.

NCIX has started listing a few of the Timelines for pre-order. Unfortunately, prices are inflated, in the range of $1000 for the single core versions. Realistically, I think the dual core versions need to be quite a bit below $1000CAD, since for less than $1200CAD, one can get a Lenovo X200 with a 9 cell battery, which gets 6-7 hours of battery life, at around 4lbs.


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