First Day Of Summer

Well, summer came in with a whimper this year in Waterloo. It wasn’t even that warm. There were a few days before today that were pretty hot, but not today. Trust me, I didn’t mind. Whenever it gets hot around here, my dorm room becomes a sauna. A very nasty, disgusting sauna because I actually have to sleep here. Only the fan makes things somewhat bearable.

A good friend came by to visit today. It was nice to take a break and just relax for a little while. We went out on the town in search of Cash for Life scratch tickets. We eventually ended up in Kitchener but we got those tickets. I didn’t win anything but two of the other guys did. I never was the lucky person. I can’t think of something I’ve won out of sheer luck in a long time.

But he left to return home (yeah, he’s not working his ass off at university right now…) and I retreated back to my room to start work on what was rumoured to be a deadly calculus assignment. Boy was that ever wrong. Deadly doesn’t even begin to describe this thing. Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t exactly know the material inside out and backwards, but these questions are so out there, I don’t know what I’m going to do. It was absolutely brutal slogging through the first 5 questions. I can’t get a few parts of questions so I’ll have to get back to them later. I made a pretty good decision to get my discrete math and physics assignments done and over with earlier this week. Now I have all tomorrow to try and finish this calculus assignment to some sort of completion. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. It’s sort of a helpless feeling; I know I need to do the assignment, but when it takes you forever to do less than half the problems on the assignment half correct, there isn’t much incentive to continue working at it.

Tomorrow we should get back the last two midterm marks. I’m expecting good things out of the discrete math midterm and not so good things from the management science one. For some reason it’s the class that you think’ll probably be the easiest that bites you in the ass. I guess that makes sense. Less fear = less study = less marks. Gotta get a little more afraid I guess.

What a first day of summer. 😐


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  1. I think the same thing that happened with your management science course happened with my ancient history…though I still pwned it…just not as solidly as my English exam.

    I worked on my first day of summer. It was actually quite nice here today though.

  2. Oh man, it’s been so hot here the past few days. I think it’s a far trade off though. You guys had some real scortchers a while ago while we had terrential rains.

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