Fine Line Between Disappointment and Anger

Well, when Canada lost 2-0 to the Swiss yesterday, I was disappointed. They didn’t play as well as they could have. Teamwork was non existent, but that was okay. It wasn’t a very key game at all. No big loss.

Then today, against the Fins. It’s the end of the first period and it’s already 2-0 for the Fins. The Canadians are bunching up, coming into the Fins’ zone (the few times they’ve had that opportunity so far) and passing is terrible. It seems like nothing’s connecting. Luongo’s already had to make several tough saves and the Fin goalie could be picking his nose and there’d be no difference. Zero offense.

The line between disappointment and anger is a very fine one. I’m about to cross it.

Update: Some improvement in Team Canada’s game in the second period. There were some solid scoring chances, especially Nash’s breakaway. In the end, nothing got into the Finnish goal and so it remains 2-0 Finland after two periods. Hope is starting to wane.

Update2: Yep, once again 2-0 is the final score, another loss for Team Canada. Play the Czechs next. Who knows how that’s going to go…

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  1. At least the women won the gold…But seriously!! On paper, Canada is stacked! One of the, if not the most powerful teams in the world!

    But I guess it doesn’t really matter what it says on paper when you lose 2 games in a row… 🙁

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