Filling Space

I really have nothing to talk about, but I’m trying to keep on a regular updating schedule here. I came home for the weekend again (sleeping at res is next to impossible…) and I was faced with the dilemma of choosing a cell phone for the next year. With my dad’s company, I can get a pretty sweet plan but the problem would be that I have to go with Bell and their phones are mostly old or new and very expensive. In general, I’m surprised how expensive a little cellphone is. I’m talking any decent looking one’s gonna run you $200-$300 before a plan credit. But truth be told, I have a ultracompact digicam and an iPod so music and camera functions aren’t that important. So the most logical thing to do was to get one of those freebie phones. I decided to pick up a Nokia 2125i. Seems like a decent enough phone for what I’ll be doing with it, which is calling people. 😛 I was really eying the new Samsung A920, but the price was a little too high and as I said, a lot of functions that I don’t really need. Seems like a waste of money. I’m supposed to be a poor university student remember? The A680 seems like a solid phone, but it’s showing its age now, being over a year old.

Seeing as Bell needs to do some upgrading to the network or something to attract more phone makers, I’ll use a cheap phone for now. Hopefully I’ll have a better selection towards the end of this year.

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